The Ugly Sweater Party, or Why I Need to Stop Procrastinating

I was privileged this weekend to attend Charla and Travis's's's Annual Ugly Sweater Party 2011.

In my defence, I was only made aware that the Ugly Sweater Party would be happening on the day of the last one in 2010.  How's a guy supposed to find another ugly Christmas sweater with only one year notice?  He can't.  So I can only assume that all the other people that were at the party that had them had started shopping sometime in 2007, getting ready for the phenomenon to sweep the land.  They also probably have fully stocked emergency kits and escape plans (and not just for a zombie-apocalypse).

Lacking in ugly sweaters, but with some imagination, I built my own.

I can say that we constructed it because that's construction paper.  Get it?  It's almost a pun!

And thus, my zombie Christmas hockey jersey was born.

The fact that my wife was able to find something on the day of the party does not take away from my earlier statement that finding an ugly sweater is very difficult to do.
Also, apologies to everyone who bought that sweater.  It's not that ugly. 

You may have noticed that more of the zombies have Santa beards in this picture than in  the close up shot earlier.  Congratulations! You found the Easter Egg!  

Before you scroll down to this final picture, I want to clarify that only one person in this photo has had anything to drink all night.  It was the only way that I could convince her to take the picture with me.

All I can say about this picture is FABULOUS.
Cheers everyone!

Weh-Ming and My Lovely Wife