Ah, weddings... so magical

You know how you can get caught up in the moment and not realize that you're on the Express Line to Craptown?

This is the story of one woman's second wedding. Well, not actually the story of the wedding - more like if you took a social network snapshot of the wedding party, and I find that interesting. Sure there are lots of disastrous wedding stories out there: weddings with drunk parties; weddings where everything just falls apart; weddings where a bridesmaid attempts to murder everyone, then attempts suicide (read the comments below the story); weddings that get interrupted by horrible tragedies like rain, blizzards or mortar shelling.

It's a little fascinating discovering the intricate web of relationships. I think it also says something about he human condition that no matter how many things point at something being a disaster on an epic scale, or even just a flat out war of attrition, people will just keep plowing ahead.

Whoa, got a little deep there.

Go read the story.