The 2010 Oscars

I thought this was something completely different when I clicked on it.  Turns out it was a warning to other parents about the dangers of letting Hannah Montana come over for dinner.

I'm not saying anything, but when it comes in a size like that is it really "Baby Phat"?

Maybe, if by "special person" you mean "needs".  My guess is that somebody bought this as a GREAT VALENTINE'S IDEA, then it turned out to be what it is.

Which country exactly would this go with?  The only thing that I can think this would be good for is chasing my sister while shouting "The Claw is coming for you!"

I checked out the link to the other ads... this was the most interesting piece of the lot.  If anyone does end up contacting this person, please let me know what's in the box.


On second thought, don't.