The longest game of tennis ever

I was surprised to hear that the longest game of tennis ever played happened this week.  It lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes.

Rumor has it that they're coming out with a director's cut with an additional 6 hours of stuff, plus a making of documentary.

Seriously though, I know that you have to be in good shape to play tennis professionally.  Hell, I'll admit that you have to be in good shape to play the game at all.  But how much action could there have been after the first couple of hours?  And what if you happened to be one of the spectators?  How hardcore must you be to watch the same two people whack a ball to each other for that long?  It spread over THREE days!

The NASCAR people at least have the possibility of witnessing a horrible crash.

For heaven's sake, we're talking about 11 hours of PONG.  Could you play 11 hours of Pong?  Could you watch 11 hours of Pong?