CBC Open Mic Comedy Contest!

My announcement is that I entered the CBC Open Mic Comedy Contest.

Every year, for the Hubcap Comedy Festival, Information Morning has an open mic event at the Pump House in Moncton.  This year, to get into the open mic you had to submit audio or video of standup material for people to vote for.

So...I guess this is my plea for you to help me out.

Voting starts today and runs till Friday, but the site isn't up yet.  For now, if you have a few moments, go to the Information Morning site and check it out.  If it's there, and I'm there, and you like what you hear, and you're not against voting or the democratic process, and you don't hold a deep and personal grudge against me, I would appreciate your click.


Update:  Here's the link for the voting page!  Be kind.

PS: I'm Weh-Ming Cho


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