Vision Quest

My Lovely Wife got new glasses, which she hasn't picked up yet, but is awfully excited about.  That prompted me to think about getting new glasses, as I've been wearing the current model for about five or six years.  They were going to be awesome glasses because I was getting them with the magnetic clip on sunglasses, but all they've really done is added dents in the sides of my head.

True story
I started thinking about all the money that has been spent on glasses over my lifetime - I've been wearing them since I was 6 - and it's a lot.  Like, probably go to DisneyWorld money.  I have insanely bad vision.  How bad is it?  Here's a fun experiment you can do to get an idea!

Go grab a beer bottle.  Any kind, doesn't matter to me, I won't judge you. 

Because ginger beer is as strong as I can handle.
 Next grab a Post-It Note.

Big thanks to Gael for making this part less horrible for me!
Now, rip off one of those Post-Its and write something ON THE BACK of it.  You know, the sticky side. Affix it to the bottom of the bottle, and lift it to your lips as though you were going to partake of your favourite beverage.

See that note you've written that is now stuck to the bottom of the bottle?

That post it note is TWICE as far away as I can see.

People say my glasses are like the bottom of Coke bottles. I have to take their word for it since I can't see that far.
That bottle is about 23 cm tall and the furthest I can see clearly is about 11 cm.  

As my last pair of glasses cost about as much as the two pairs My Lovely Wife just purchased, I have decided to make an appointment to check out the laser treatment.  It's only a consultation where they'll check to see if I'm a viable candidate or not, but if I am I may go through with it.

Have any of you gotten it?  I've talked to a few people who have only had glowing recommendations.  Even if I can't get 20/20 vision, I'd be happy being able to see the bottom of the bottle.

PS - you may notice that there is no picture of me demonstrating by holding the bottle up.  That is because I look ridiculous, and the photoshop opportunities might be more than some of my less classy readers could stand.  ;)