Montreal - Day One

For our anniversary, My Lovely Wife and I took a trip to Montreal.  For those of you that have never been here before, Montreal is like the Canadian version of Paris.  It's just foreign enough that you'll be in awe of why everything is different - but not so different that it gets weird, you know what I mean?  Also, there's a lot of old stuff around here and chicks love old stuff.

To make it doubly romantic, we took the train to get here.  My Lovely Wife had some VIA rail points from a previous trip she'd made that allowed us to get her ticket for basically half price, so that made it cheaper than flying.  We had done the train before, and it was super nice and way romantic.

I'm going to go on record as saying that the romance of the train is in direct proportion to your position relative to the sleeper cars.  More specifically, cabin in a sleeper car = super ultra mega romantic; economy seat = not romantic at all.

And thus we spent our anniversary on the train.  For some reason, My Lovely Wife found it easier to sleep with the sound of other people snoring and farting in her general vicinity.  I asked how she could possibly have slept through all of that.  She said she was "just lucky, I guess."  I think there may be more to the story, but twelve years of marriage suggest I will be happier leaving it alone.

We got a taxi to our hotel, and wow, are we ever happy we found this place!  We're staying at L'Appartement Hotel, which if my high school French is correct translates to Hotel Apartment, so chalk one up for the Language Laws there.  We have a suite with a bedroom, kitchen, and living room that is not significantly smaller than our first apartment, and is in many ways, much much nicer.  First of all, there is a cleaning staff.  Come to think of it, there doesn't have to be anything else on that particular list.

We did a little bit of a walk around the two or three blocks of our maison away from maison (that would totally count as bilingual in Moncton, by the way).  We found a stationary store that My Lovely Wife fell in love with immediately (from across the street even - it was like watching the first thirty seconds of a romantic comedy, stars in her eyes and everything).  The owner/manager was pretty awesome too.  We had a really interesting ten minute conversation about pens.  I'm not even being sarcastic here.  If you get a chance to visit the Papeterie Nota Bene on Parc Ave in Montreal, do so.

At this point in our day, it started to pour so we bought a few groceries and ran back to our l'Appartement.  We elected to spend the rest of the day inside and out of the rain.

Looks like a great day today!

I am aware that there is nothing that incredible about this picture... but you know what?  It's not the view of the grass that I left unmowed or the leaves that needed to be raked up, so that makes it pretty damn romantic to me.
Still to come - the Biodome (just like France loves Jerry Lewis, the Quebecois feel the same about Pauly Shore - I'm reasonably sure that I'm the first person to ever make that joke), the Planetarium, a subway ride or two, and possibly I learn some more ways that talking in French leads to conversations in English.

EDIT:  9:35 EST - Montreal, you've been great.  It's not you, it's us.  Moncton, see you tonight.