Super Bowl LV prediction

In the grand tradition of what I originally used this site for, here is my prediction for the Super Bowl this year.

The Chiefs have years of hardship on their side, honing their warrior spirit to a fine knife edge. They also know not to trust anyone flying flags on a boat coming to them. 

But history has shown us that they don't do well against tall ships, and they aren't exactly known for their seafaring abilities. In any other year, the Buccaneers would win without really having to do anything and the Chiefs would drown. 

But this isn't any normal year. 

Conditions on tall ships are not great for social distancing and hygiene was never the strong point of Buccaneers. Plus, they are all about fighting against government agencies and doing whatever they want.

On the other hand, the Chiefs have a strong sense of community. Also, not being in Florida, they are all more likely to have seriously taken the scientific and medical warnings of how to stay safe. They also have some well documented experiences with terrible diseases.

Finally, the world saw what can happen when the First Nations peoples work together in the 2020 presidential election.

Chiefs win. And then they hopefully can retire the name and find something less awkward for me to make stupid predictions with.

Also, something about Tom Brady.