My Newest Project - Yeah But What Else

Last month, I started a new project with a good friend. 

The story behind the website is simple. I'd been playing with a question about music: what if one hit wonders actually had some music that was great, but was overshadowed by the success of their one hit? What if they were actually ahead of their time, and looking back at their music from the future we'd see that genius?

Scott is one of the biggest music-ophiles (totally a word, trust me) I know, and when we were pitching ideas about doing something creative together it stuck. And thus was born yeahbutwhatelse.

Every Friday we've been posting a review where we go back and listen to the full album from a One Hit Wonder (OHW), where we listen to every song except the hit. Sometimes there are songs we both liked. Sometimes neither of us liked the same songs. And sometimes it's very hard to find something to love.

We love the attention and the feedback, so please check it out and leave a comment. It can only help us get better, right?