You’ve got a point

"Look over there," I said, pointing.

"Where?" She asked, looking.

"Right there, where I'm pointing." I replied, pointing.

"You don't point right." She said, looking.

"What does that mean? I don't point right?" I asked, shaking my finger.

"You never point at what you're looking at." She said.

"I do so," I said, "look. Right there." Pointing.

"I don't see anything. You aren't very good at this."

"I've been pointing all my life. I'm very good at pointing."

"No, you aren't. If you were, I'd be looking at what you were pointing."

"No, you're looking at what I'm pointing at. I'm talking about where I'm pointing, and where I'm pointing is technically the end of my finger. That's where the pointing actually occurs. And it is the end of my finger that I want to draw attention to."

Sometimes, you need to be specific.