I never knew the power of my name...

Until I saw this. (Warning, there's a SWEAR word in there...)

I don't know what I'm looking at. I mean, I can kind of figure out that this is a snippet from a larger tale of some kind of strange alternate Sigmund Freud that was whisked away into the future and became some kind of Rambo-esque character, fighting the tyrannical forces of some sort of Middle East-esque group.

Oddly, the first thing that I thought of (after the "When did my last name become the sound you make when you punch through somebody else's head?") was that English was their common language. It just goes to prove what I've been saying for years: English has a hundred words for hate, but not a single word for love.

The next thing I thought of was "Would Sigmund Freud, even an alternate reality warrior Sigmund Freud, get his nipple pierced?" That question shall plague me forever. Or, until I stop writing this post.

As an aside, for perhaps the first time in my life, I find myself hoping to avoid ever doing a google search for my name. Please, don't help.

And now I stop thinking about his nipple piercing.


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