I've submitted my first Kijiji ad...

Now I'm playing the waiting game for it to appear. Why, oh why does it take up to 24 hours for it to appear? That makes me sad. I should submit an ad on Kijiji so everyone knows that this is discriminatory and violates my basic human rights. Or something.

In the meantime, here are some ads that have caught my eye this morning.

Need Tutor
See what happens when you try to go with the lowest bidder?

You're right, the world is out to get you.
He drops his family off at Magic Mountain, then parks illegally and gets ticketed. Then he says that he's not going to spend any tourism money in Moncton on the weekend. Dude, we have already made our tourism money off you: Family Magic Mountain Passes + Food + gas to get home + $75 parking fine = we are doing all right.

Return of Bean Guy
Turns out that if you're not at least a little descriptive, nobody will want your free stuff. Lesson learned.

Free 2002 VW Passat!
I gotta call this guy up! Oh wait. Dang.

Wedding dress for sale
It's not so much the wedding dress that intrigues me about this ad. It's the picture that accompanies it. It really looks to me like these bridesmaids are up to something.

"Hey Janet, we know that you're really happy and everything today, but we just wanted to let you know... APRIL FOOL'S! You're soon-to-be husband is just an out of work actor that we hired. Why did we do it? Because we hate the way that you smile like a three year old."

Hopewell Rocks Family Day Pass
Wow, they only want $40 for the family day pass that they won on the radio. Okay, at first I was amused by this because family day passes for Hopewell Rocks cost about half what they're asking for (it's the season passes that are expensive). But what made me giggle (much like a schoolgirl, yes) was something I missed on my first reading:


I have only one question: Who buys a season pass to Hopewell Rocks? I mean, is there more to do there than I've seen before? Did they open up a Six Flags there since I was last there? Amazing wonder of the natural world. Seen it.

Doll size scare crows
For scaring away tiiiiiny little birds from your imaginary garden.


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