Forget the prom dresses, I want to meet the owners!

My prom date and I were just friends, no romance involved. Still, I think we had a pretty good time. We met with friends, stood around, took some pictures, danced a bit. Then she left with her friends and I left with mine and it was all good.

Still, it would have been nice to have gone with my girlfriend. It would have also been nice to have had a girlfriend to go with. Whatever the case, I don't know if I'm happy or disappointed that I didn't go to the prom with the owner of these dresses...

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I must be tired because I can't find a really good pun to go with this ad. I mean, I want to point out the description, but I'm having trouble finding that perfect mix of subtle and awesome. Help me out! Add yours to the comments.

I'm finally on my days off so I'll get started on that other Kijiji project I was thinking of. More later!

PS - Yes, honey, I was just kidding about wanting to meet the owners. Mostly kidding anyway.


  1. My niece just had her prom and her parents spent $1000 on it. I know it is a once in a lifetime event, but one thousand dollars? Geesh.

  2. I hope your niece got more than an hour's use out of it...


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