Hey Apple, um... wait what?

NOTE: For those of you that aren't giant nerds, I will try to reduce the level of geek. Stick with me, you'll get the joke in the end. Maybe.

I've been talking about moving over to a Linux OS for a while now. It's like the basement or the garage: one of those tasks that I keep saying I'm going to get to, but later. I finally decided that I'd had enough of Mr. Windows XP telling me to download another security update, and downloaded a copy of Ubuntu.

For those of you that don't know Linux, its all about being free. There are also a lot of free programs that are analogues of things that you would have paid for... ahem. Yes, well, I hadn't fully investigated all my options as it were. And yeah, everything looked good. All kinds of legitimate software, for free, that would do everything that I could want. With one exception.

As it turns out, there isn't a way to get iTunes to work with Linux.

I've got a lot of time and even some money invested in iTunes and my iPod. Not an outrageous amount, but enough that the functionality of my iPod is pretty important to me. My plans had been thwarted.

The Punchline: I have to stay with Microsoft because of Apple.