Kijiji: Translation, Poetry, -Snicker-, Obsession

Translation: Neighbors secured their network

You just gotta...feeeeeel it

Truly, the work of a master beat poet.


(badda badda badda)
its 16 inch
(bum badda)

just dont us


this one


no more

(badda badda bam)

no need


for it

(badda badda bam badda badda bam bam bump)

I don't normally look at these kinds of ads...

...but that's the name of your company? Isn't that kind of, I don't know, obvious? It's kind of like naming a Chinese restaurant "You'll be hungry later".

Stop watching!! This is the greatest movie ever!! Good Will Hunting!! Wife says I'm obsessed!! Doctor tells me to get rid of it!! Yay!! $5.00.