Three of my favorite things

I'd like to introduce you to Bacon Gravy.

For those that know me, you know that I am unlikely to pass up Bacon or Gravy.  The two comprise two of my favorite things.  Nothing brings Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner to a crashing halt like running out of gravy.  And bacon... it speaks for itself.

Bacon Gravy is the blog of a highly intelligent young lady that happens to enjoy many of the same fine foods that I do.  In fact, I feel that in some small way I am partly responsible for some of the foods that she likes/hates because she is my sister.  For example, take this recent post regarding raisins.  I'm not saying that she doesn't like raisins because of me (cause, wow, do I ever not like raisins), but I did hate raisins first. 

I'm just saying.

If you enjoy food, (and really, who doesn't enjoy food?  Nobody that comes over to our respective homes for dinner, that's for sure) then you should read her blog.  Plus, she posts on a more regular basis than I do, so I'm actually increasing your continual fun levels by directing you there.