Yesterday, I learned the lesson that all superheroes must learn at some point in their lives:  that I must use my powers for good and not for evil.

Scott and I ran into a friend at work who we hadn't seen for a while.  As it turns out, he had contracted pneumonia and had been out for quite a while.  He looked, well, he looked pretty bad.  Being the kind of people that we are, we proceeded to joke around. 

So we're laughing, and he's laughing, and then he's coughing, and then he's kind of laughing/coughing, and then he's sort of choking/coughing/laughing.  It's kind of a spectacle.  It being the end of our lunch break, we stood up to leave.

And that's when our friend passed out.

I'm not going to say that it was entirely my fault for getting him going... But you could draw a line from point A to B where A was jokes and B was him on ground.

To make amends, I have decided to get a second job as security in a sick kids ward.  That way everyone wins from the use of my superpowers.