James Bond Part 1 - Dr. No

For no other reason than we have them, we watched Dr. No last night.  Then tonight we were looking for something new to watch and settled on From Russia with Love.  This may be a little premature, but we appear to be watching them in sequence now, so I thought I'd better write something about it.

Dr. No is the first James Bond movie, starring an illustrious Sean Connery.  Okay, yes, for you film geeks out there I know that Dr. No was not supposed to be the first movie, but this is me watching and writing about it so shut up, sit down and keep reading. Or go away.

Here's a few impressions of Dr. No.
  • Wow, Sean Connery looks really young.
  • This movie is pretty old.  Holy crap, this movie is 48 years old?  FORTY-EIGHT YEARS?!
  • I don't think that all of these Chinese people are Chinese.
  • Are any of these Chinese people Chinese?
  • Okay those guys are Chinese.
  • Why would this guy build such a huge underwater complex with the intention of blowing it up later?  He must be...INSANE!
Does it hold up?
I will give this movie some points because it is the first one and they haven't quite got the swing of things.  It's good, maybe not great.  I also give it some points for blowing my mind with how incredibly old it is.  Lawrence of Arabia came out the same year as this.  Lawrence-of-frigging-Arabia.  When this movie came out, we hadn't walked on the moon yet.  Think about that.

It all looks a bit campy now, but there are still some pretty great locations - something that Bond movies do well.  Ursula Andress stands out as hot.  Also, as it turns out, we share the same birthday.  Just, you know, 40 decades apart.

Final Decision

I recommend this movie for people who are already James Bond fans.  It does hold up, but you have to keep in mind how old it is. It's interesting to see how the character was first captured on film, but I wouldn't ask someone who'd never seen a Bond flick before to watch it first.