James Bond Part 3 - Goldfinger

Goldfinger has the distinction of being one of the James Bond movies that I recognize the theme song for.  Beyond that, it's where Pussy Galore and the "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!" comes from.

Now this is a super villain with probably one of the most insane ideas ever.  I'm going to say spoiler alert, even though it came out in 1964.  At the heart of the character, we have a guy that loves gold - or at least that's what he claims.  It's easy to see why he was parodied in Goldmember, the guy is a certifiable loony.  He has huge amounts of gold stashed all over the world, and his theory is that he can make his own gold worth more by making all the gold in the US radioactive.

To do this, he intends to blow up a nuclear warhead inside of Fort Knox.

Honestly, it's the kind of plan that a gang of ten-year-old's get when they've had too much Coke and are trying to stay up all night.  Here's a better plan: ANYTHING ELSE.

And really, the guy's name is actually Goldfinger. Auric Goldfinger.  All I can say is that he must have paid REALLY well for all those guys to follow him dressed up like that, cause I can't imagine what he paid them just to not laugh at him.

Does it hold up?
Mmmm...no.  Yes, it's an interesting theory.  But more interesting in the way that a Jackson Pollack painting is interesting until you realize that it's really just a bunch of ketchup packets that have been squished on the table at a McDonald's.

But, then again, Pussy Galore.

Oh, and then there's the whole "James Bond is guilty of sexual assault".  Wow, is he ever.

Final Decision
Goldfinger is a good movie, so long as you keep telling yourself that the bad guy is mad.  And kind of a douche.  His henchmen probably called him "Golddouche" behind his back.  I would have.

One more thing I almost forgot!  When Bond walks into Q's office, Moneypenny throws his hat onto the hat-rack.  It was a little corny when it happened, but it makes sense: it's the third time people would have seen him do it, so the producers changed it up a little for a laugh.  And, oh, how I imagine the audience would have laughed...