Pontypool - A Review

Pontypool came out back in 2008, but I missed it in theatres.  Dang it.

As a Canadian, I have to like this movie due to its CanCon. As a geek, I have to like this movie due to its zombies.  So as a Canadian geek, the CanCon Zombies (or CanConBies - my god, I just made up my first word for a genre) were outstanding.

There was no horde to be seen, the entire film takes place in a radio station.  The closest to a horde that we get is maybe a few dozen grouped together - but even that is enough. Truthfully, the scariest things that happen in this movie aren't pictured at all.  It's all audio, practically a radio play on the big screen.

This film had great suspense, excellent production values, and great performances by the entire cast.  To put it another way, it made me want to hear and see more from Stephen McHattie, and I haven't been able to look at him in the same way since I had to watch Life with Billy (shudder) in my Grade 12 Canadian Law class.  If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.  If you haven't, let me just say that there are scarier things out there than CanConBies, and unfortunately they're real.

I would recommend this movie for people who love zombie movies that have significant others that don't like zombie movies.