And so it begins. Quite possibly. Maybe.

I have made a New Year's resolution with my sister and sister-in-law that we're going to work more on our blogs.  For me, that means I'm going to do at least a post a week. 

I'm pretty sure that the number of people with blogs that have made this exact same promise is equal to approximately all of them, so it's not like I'm being original there.  But isn't the drive to be original really just a cry for acceptance from the crowd?  Look at how I stand out! Read my blog!

All I want is to be loved.  Unconditionally.  By everyone. 

So there's that.

I also told a friend about my blog this week, referencing my post about my chances of survival in a zompocalypse, and I had to preface it with a "but I haven't updated in a while".   I've been busy doing other things that didn't involve me writing. 

Another reason to make this resolution?  We have finally joined the ranks of PS3 owners, and I fear that without something to force me to go back to the computer and write, I will meld with the futon.  Unless we pick up another Move game.

To summarize, this post is rambling and incoherent because I am very tired from staying up too late last night, having my drink (sorry co-workers, I'm still adhering to my strict "No alcohol with co-workers" rule), and watching Toy Story 3.  Again.  For I think the third time in 24 hours.  But this time my nieces are around, so it's totally acceptable.

If this is the first time you've visited my blog, please don't judge the rest of my writing on this.  Go read something else I've written that is better.

There.  Totally nailed that.


  1. I have upheld my part of the bargain and a post is up. Your first blog of 2011 is far superior because you said "zompocalypse" and I did not.


  2. Well played Melissa. But I will soon have something that will outplay even that. Oh yes. Soooooon...


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