I am a big fat jerkhead

Not really.  Or at least I hope not.

What you see here is a screen shot for the next month of scheduled updates to my blog.  That's right.  Every Sunday morning, something awful that I've written about myself, including some Horrible Secrets (queue thunderclap), will be automatically posted.  And I assure you, the Horrible Secrets (queue thunderclap) are really quite horrible.  Just horrible.

UNLESS, of course, I write an actual post over it.

It's the ultimate exercise in forcing myself to write.  I either write something over the terribly insulting thing or Horrible Secret (queue thunderclap) or it gets posted, online, for you all to see.  I'll probably end up embarrassing myself either way, but at least I get a say in how it happens.  This will continue all year, until I either just finally get in the habit of always updating or I run out of insults and Horrible Secrets (you know what happens).

There you have it.  Stay tune this Sunday to see how it goes.