I believe the technical term for what I'm looking for is "Woo hoo"

We got our call from the province!

At the risk of becoming one of "those blogs", I have to take a moment to celebrate an almost event that has been seven years in the making. 

Seven years ago, we put our names on the adoption list for an infant.  Last week we got our call.

Now, before we get all gushy over this, let me lay things out for you.  What's actually happened is that after seven years of waiting, we are now at the point where we can start the process by which we are then either approved or rejected by the province to be adoptive parents.  Should we be accepted - and not to brag or anything, but all our friends and family with kids know how awesome we'd be as parents based solely on the amount of awesome parenting advice that we constantly give them - should we be accepted after several months of processing we are then eligible to be on the official waiting list.

And then the waiting starts again.

It's impossible to guess how long it will be.  The social worker we spoke with gave us ranges from as short as 4-5 months and as long as 18 months, if not longer.  It all depends on who we are and what the birth mother is looking for in adoptive parents. 

Right now, we're in a state of optimistic celebration.  It's sort of like we've won a chance to be on the Price Is Right.  We might be in the audience, but there's no telling whether or when we'll get the call to come on down. 

Just in case, I'll be wearing a t-shirt that says "We love you, Bob Drew!"

Anyway, that's all the news that there is.  We'll keep you posted.


  1. I'm REALLY hoping things for out for you, my friend. My fingers are crossed!

  2. BEST blog of all time! FYI, we've got a crib for you when that happy day comes! :)

  3. We are all so excited for you....can't wait to hear the good news!

  4. Excited for you both! Having a child is wonderful and exciting and frightening! On days like today when you think you might get an extra hour sleep because of the time Falling back and your two year old doesn't want to play geographical time change games - they also become annoying! That annoyance fades away real quick though when they hit you with that smile. Congrats to you both!

  5. You're a man of few words Marco. I appreciate that.


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