The King is dead. Long live the king.

Oh E-Cho.  You have been a good car for us.  We will miss you.

We just won't miss you while we're driving our new car.

Or when we're looking at our new car.

Or when we're not looking at our new car.


  1. Any time I saw an Echo I thought of the E-Cho. It will be missed by all who knew and kinda liked her.

  2. Found your blog through that little Kijiji ad you posted, and I nearly died when I read this.
    My last car was a Toyota Echo pronounced E-Cho, and she made many a trip through Moncton on her way to and from her home in Halifax. Hopefully she is somewhere happy with your E-Cho.
    Here's to hoping our new cars are as good to us for as many years.

  3. @ShannonK - Glad that you found me! You are the first non-Cho/non-friend of a Cho that I've ever met that called it an E-Cho too! Congratulations! There is no prize.

    Now we drive a Cho-Rolla. :)


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