Forget Everything I Said Before About Internet Fame

EDIT:  It turns out that the whole "set a time for the story to publish" setting only works when you actually click on the button that is clearly marked "PUBLISH".  This was supposed to go live last night.

My lovely wife and I dashed into the grocery store after work today to grab a few things to feed our bellies. While walking through frozen foods, an elderly woman ("I'm eighty-two-and-a-half!") looked over and said: "You look just like the snowblower man!"

I acknowledged that's who I was and, at the risk of sounding cliche, she was tickled pink that she had found me.  She then gave a brief synopsis of the story for her companion (perhaps her son?  He was standing roughly on the other side of the building in an awkward silence by this point), including taking my wife by the arm and saying "and this must be your beautiful wife that told you to sell it!"

When an Eighty-Two-and-a-Half year old woman calls you out in the middle of the grocery store, you've transcended to another level of fame.  I believe I've entered "You'll never guess who I ran into today!" territory...

Sadly, I never even thought to get a picture with her, or to tell her she'd be making a guest appearance in my blog today.  I think she'd have gotten a real kick out of that.  I gotta remember that I'm blogging now and need to take pictures of stuff.  Maybe I need a new smartphone (hint hint dear - I know you're reading this).

Oh, and I've almost cleared 450,000 views!

449,551 people amused briefly!

The story still has some legs, as I was interviewed this morning for Here, which was pretty neat.  We took a different direction with the story than has been told thus far, so I'm curious to see how it comes out.  The 15 minute interview was closer to 30, and was interrupted only twice by a super enthusiastic dog.  I wasn't there, but judging from the sound of it, Victoria has a very happy puppy.

The clip from CTV last night was carried over on CTVNewsnet, as reported to me by several co-workers and some awfully talented and attractive people that have been reading my words here.  I thank you all.  I wish I could control my PVR from work, but you need a smartphone to do that.  (cough cough that might be another hint honey cough cough).

Speaking of news reports, I feel that I need to address something that has come up a few times as of late:

The young lady sitting with me in the CBC interview is Jen Choi.  She is not my wife, although it looks like we're having fun.

Sorry the resolution is so poor. I'm actually quite blurry in real life.
I can see how some people might be confused.  After all, she appears to be having a great time with me.  But, honestly, I'm just a really great guy who's awesome to be around, so you can hardly blame Jen for wanting to sit beside me, right? By the way, the picture above was kind of stolen from the CBC website.  Only kind of though, cause I paid my taxes and I clicked a link too, so I think we're even.

Tomorrow afternoon around 12:45 EST is my interview on CJAD Montreal - or at least that was the plan as last relayed to me a couple of days ago.  I hope that it will be friendly, despite being the home of the couch that I am trying to usurp from the top spot.  Anyone reading this from Montreal?  If you hear the interview, let me know how it sounds.  I think I'm starting to get the feel for this kind of thing...

I have another interview possibly lined up tomorrow night a print journalist, just waiting to hear back if timing works.  I think I could secure a few more interviews if only I didn't have to work all day.  As I tweeted earlier today:
If I got $1 for every time someone said 'snowblower' to me, I'd pay people 10 cents to say it to me.
I totally would you know.

Big thanks to the two stunning readers that stepped up this week. My PayPal account now stands at $1.97, which will just about cover the cost of the gas that I used to move the snowblower around this last week.

In a transition to other stories that are non-blower of snow related, I just had a great chat with my sister-in-law over IM.  We were talking about all this stuff that was going on (okay, that was the last time I'll mention it in this post, honest!), and I mentioned that I really loved one of her tweets from earlier today:

Melissa Cho
According to a Cho-family survey conducted in this very living room, Swiss Cheese crackers are the best crackers.

Then the following exchange occurred:
cholikego says
people are asking me if th 5 year old is my 5 year old.  That's my only claim to fame
jesus i just had to pull popcorn kernals out of holly's nostrils
And that's just one more reason why we want kids.  Because I haven't had the opportunity to pick popcorn kernals out of a 3 year old's nostrils.  

Hold on, let me correct that: "Because I haven't had to pick popcorn kernals out of a 3 year old's nostrils."  The difference is subtle, but it's there.

Oh, I also registered last night, but I'm scared that if I change the link to my blog that it'll mess up all this great traffic I'm getting right now.  Any blognostifans out there know anything about this?  I've read the help files from google, and it looks like it'll be okay, but I'd prefer to have someone walk me through it since I don't get much of this technobabble.

See, I'm thirty-five-and-three-quarters' old you know, so I don't remember things like I used to.


  1. If you registered the domain through blogger, it automatically redirects to your .com. Tah dah!

  2. Thanks SM - I bought it through GoDaddy, and they have a tool that you can use to redirect... I guess I'm just paranoid that I'll somehow shut down access to my site just as people are starting to find it.

    Ah well, nothing ventured nothing gained. I'll give it a shot tonight and see how it goes.

  3. Just found you...via FB, of course. This is ridiculous, I can hardly believe how viral this went. Very well written. Congratulations, The Snowblower Guy.

  4. oh...that looked like I was signing off as though I was The Snowblower Guy...I'll leave proper writing and grammar to you. The Admin Girl with Poor Grammar.

  5. @SM - you were right, it was that easy!

  6. @niki - Thanks for checking me out, I appreciate it!

  7. @niki - oh...that looked like I was thanking you for checking ME out, when I really meant that in more in a general "my ad and my blog" kind of way. The VERY MARRIED Snowblower Guy

  8. A whole $1.97? Who's the guy/gal that jipped you $0.03. haha Check your mailbox this week, best Christmas gift ever. No its not a new smartphone, (robyn, cough cough).

  9. @jasonc875 - Stupid paypal fees. Now you got me all curious and such...

  10. There's no fame, really, like the fame inherent in being recognized by octogenarians in the frozen food section of the store, ay?

    Enjoy the fame! Your 15 minutes seems to have morphed into a good solid week or two.

    Carolyn (from Victoria, on the balmy West Coast of Canada where we don't even need snowblowers)

  11. @Carolyn - I'm going to soak up every second of the 15 minutes I can get. ;) I really wish I had gotten a picture with her... She was super funny.


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