What to do when you go viral...

I think I'm supposed to have a picture taken of me getting out of a car without any underwear on, or maybe be in a movie with one of the people from Survivor, but my ad on kijiji has gone CA-RAZY.

If you type "snowblower" into facebook, over 25,000 people have linked to my ad.  Let me put that into perspective: if everyone in my hometown had linked to my ad, they'd have to recruit another 20,000 from neighbouring communities to finish off.

And as of 9:44 PM, I've got 129,462 views on the ad.  To put that into perspective, that's more people than were reported for the metropolitan area that I live in (2006).

I've done an interview on CBC Radio (with another one possibly tomorrow for TV), an interview with www.yousuckatkijiji.com (which was an unexpected delight), a short interview with the local paper (that may or may not see print), and am lined up to do another radio spot in the morning and two TV spots in the afternoon.

I feel like I should use this newfound power and fame to do something worthy.  But instead I'm just going to continue to try to get people to buy my snowblower.

I got an email from Kijiji earlier to let me know they were going to deactivate my ad, I'm guessing because there was no way I would still have it with 60K hits. Just happened to find the email in the massive pile I have building up.  (EDIT: Forgot to write that I clicked the link and saved the ad - thanks HappyCho)

I may share a few of the emails I've gotten later - almost all of them give me warm fuzzies except for that one jerk (you know who you are, but you aren't reading this because you're a jerk and I know it), and I've got a few nibbles but no bites yet.

Sooooo anyway, just keeping ya'll who happen to be reading this posted.


  1. Congrats, sir. You have more hits on Facebook alone than yousuckatkijiji.com gets in a year.

    May your 15 minutes of fame extend to at least 25!

    Enjoy the ride, and don't succumb to the pressure to one-up yourself. A hit's a hit!

    The last big Kijiji hit arrived, swelled, died down, and the guy tried to follow up with one better ... naw, couldn't match it.

    Just save all your accolades in a digital scrapbook so you can tell future generations -- "On one snowy day in 2011, I wrote a bunch of stuff that everyone thought was awesome! Now get out and take the flying car for a wash!"

  2. Thanks for the tip You Suck! That does not come across like I mean it.

    I'm enjoying the ride and seeing where it takes me - and from now on when I feel like giving up on writing, I've got hundreds of saved emails to remind me that maybe I do have a bit of talent hidden somewhere in my hunky exterior.

  3. I blogged about your ad! I copied it because I knew that Kijiji would take it down at some point.

    I'm glad you have a blog because I love the way you write!

  4. well, let me put it this way... when I followd the link Regis left on Twitter about your ad, I asked if you had a blog, because that is some writing I want to see more of.

    well done, sir.

    I just wish I lived somewhere remotely near you so I could be the owner of your (now famous) snowblower of manliness +10.

  5. Just wanna say damn fine job on your Kijiji ad. I read it yesterday and it was hilarious. Made my day!

    And you're now featured on msn.ca local New Brunswick news.

    Best of luck and thanks again for the laugh!

  6. I enjoyed your kijiji ad, I'm glad I emailed you to see if you had a blog!! :) Keep up the writing & I hope that snowblower sells!! Happy Holidays

  7. You're at just about 223000, in case you haven't checked. I cried from laughing so hard. Good luck selling it!

  8. It's making the rounds on twitter amongst the internet marketing pro's as a great example of copy writing. Expect some requests to write sales copy for others :)

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  10. This is the very best way to go viral: to leave other people's lives a little better than they were before. That was Leacock-worthy. I copied your ad as well (at canadianimagination.blogspot, not the profile links) for the same reason as Wendy S.: and I also directed those who might be interested in buying -- or perhaps simply in meeting the person behind the ad -- to your blog. Best of luck! - Tenebris

  11. As someone who owns this exact same model, I implore you all... BUY THIS FINE MACHINE!

  12. maybe you can get a second job of writing ads for people....I have had stuff on kijiji for months....I even put photos. Anyway, your ad made me laugh and I linked it on facebook too. Hope you get your snowblower sold!

  13. You made CTV National television news today! Great writing. Keep it up!


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