You asked for it...

Well, not all of you asked for it, but a few of you did.

I have been told that some more pictures of the snowblower would be nice. Thanks to my father-in-law for taking these most excellent shots of me posing with the snowblower.

This is a snowblower.
I call this "The Sears Catalogue" - which is ironic since we bought it at Home Depot


Ready for action. Pay no attention to the dog behind me.
Additionally, I received word from Kijiji support apologizing for the messages I received regarding the ad being taken down.  He explained that it's a user-triggered feature that cannot be disabled, which totally makes sense.  He signed off with the following, which totally made my day:
Also, rest assured your ad will remain active on site despite a user flagging the ad as no longer current. The best of luck and have a wonderful day.
A big shout out to Austin for helping me out with that!

Oh, and we may have sold the snowblower... Will know more tomorrow.


  1. It's not a "Sears Catalogue Pose" until you're looking at a watch or pointing off at something far in the distance.

  2. I'd almost not want to sell it at this point. So many memories...

  3. Boxers and a mug of coffee, that's what you need for the Sears catalog. And three or four other guys standing around in THEIR underwear, too. Scenes that only occur in catalogs and frathouses.


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