For a Guy Best Known for Being Silent, He Sure Talked A Lot...And Some Truth About My Day Job

On Monday night, I had the great pleasure of seeing the live recording for a the podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.  The duo, AKA Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, performed their final show in their cross country tour of Canada.  The show also marked the last trip that either would be making for speaking engagements for 2011, which made it just a little bit more special.

It was made even more special because I FINALLY got to see Kevin Smith live and in person!

Love him or hate him, Kevin Smith has done something.  He's taken his love for telling stories and created his own industry in S.I.R., or Smodcast Internet Radio, his own personal podcast slash streaming radio production company.  He tours the world with speaking engagements, and isn't so much just an open book as he is also kind of like the holographic Jaws billboard from Back to the Future II - he comes at you with everything he's got (literally) and it can be more than a little scary and intimidating if you're not ready or expecting it.

Kevin's basic message has always been that you should find what you love to do and just do it.  He went out on a limb and made a movie that garnered critical acclaim and gave him a soapbox to stand on to tell his stories.  I wrote a Kijiji ad, so the similarities are striking.  In this case, Kevin was referring to one James White of Halifax.

James, out of nothing more than the need to be creative, drew a poster to celebrate the Jay and Silent Bob Canadian Tour, and sent it to Kevin out of the blue.  Kevin saw it, loved it, and made it the official poster for the tour.  Then he contacted James and asked him to do a poster for the Plus One Per Diem podcast that they would be recording in London in 2012.  And last night he announced that there would be a series of posters coming out showcasing Jay and Silent Bob for each province.  And all this because James created something and threw it out into the world.

It sounded really familiar (only I don't have Kevin Smith calling me... yet).

After the show, I was lucky enough to run into James.

Oh wait, before I tell that part I have to tell you how I ran into him.

We were standing in the lobby waiting for some signatures (I bought the aforementioned poster because it truly is magnificent) and out of nowhere a guy comes over and asks: "Are you the snowblower guy?"

BAM- First official discovery of the Snowblower Guy outside of my own town.  :)

He asked if I could take a picture with him, and I agreed, even taking off my Monroeville Zombies hockey jersey (which I purchased at Secret Stash West and is officially the closest that I will come to playing hockey) to reveal my awesome Das Snowblower t shirt.

I totally forgot to get the dude's name or take a picture (I had forgotten my own camera, derp) so if you're out there sales guy from Halifax, could you send me a copy of the pic?  You were awesome.

Anyway, back to meeting James.

As my number one fan in Halifax stepped away, I walked over to James and asked him if he was the artist of the poster.  He asked me if I was the snowblower guy.  Then we ate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and celebrated our diversity.  Well, that would have happened if we'd had any Reese's.  Maybe.  I don't know his stance on peanut butter covered chocolate.  It's not like we're dating, come on, give me a chance to get to know him better.

We did have a great conversation about what it's like when you make something that takes off.  It was pretty cool to talk to someone else that has had a similar experience to mine.  The best thing that I learned from it is that I A) need business cards and B) need some swag.  He has the greatest stickers...

I highly recommend taking a look at his site,  The man is a Visual Artist & Designer in the same way that I'm an accomplished breather - it comes naturally to him and he does it for a living. (Get it?  I just thought of that.  I feel like I've done some good here today.)  Aaaaaand I also didn't get a picture with him.  CRAP.  I need to work on that.

A huge thanks to my good friends Joc and Tim. Joc bought the tickets for Tim and I to go on a man date for the show and for that I am eternally in her debt.  Well, that and also putting me up for the night.  Hmm, maybe eternally is a bit of an exaggeration.  I mean, it's not like she cured my male pattern baldness.  But she was there when I got three pieces of pretty cool news.

The first was that As It Happens wanted to interview me for Tuesday's show.  As of now (5:50 PM on 12/13), I just finished talking with Carol Off.  It was, by far, my most nervous interview yet.  I mean, this is AIH!

Okay, back from eating supper and listening to the show.  And I feel the need to make one small itsy-bitsy correction.

I am not a financial analyst.  I'm not.  If you ask me to analyze your finances, you will get a blank stare, a shrug and a "okay, I guess I could do that if you really want. Just let me download a couple of spreadsheets..."  So, as reported in the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and now CBC, I am not a Financial Analyst.  Okay, yes, my job does involve analyzing stuff.  And some of that stuff is financial.  But I'm not a Financial Analyst.  I'm not real sure about what a Financial Analyst does, but I'm pretty sure that it's probably kind of boring.  And that's coming from a guy that spends all day with spreadsheets and databases.

If you listen to the interview with Carol, when she asks me about my job I tried to work my way around it... but you don't just correct Carol Off.  She's a cultural institution!  Soooo, I guess that means I'm a Financial Analyst now.  Okay, Carol says I am, I guess I am.

Bring me your finances!  I'm pretty sure I can get creative with them...