In Which I Learn How the Universe Works. Sort of.

My lovely wife and I went for a walk this evening.  Two reasons for the walk: she's been studying for an exam for the insurance course she's taking and I'd been on the computer for something like 12 hours.  It was definitely time for a break.

We took a long, winding walk through our neighbourhood, checking out all the Christmas lights and decorations (there are some near-Griswald's in our area).  We talked about the stress of the upcoming exam and how much she wanted to do well on it.  We talked about the new projects I was working on, and how I was going to avoid creative burnout.  We talked about our hypothetical children, and what we would do with them if they grew up to be unruly teenagers.

We were almost to our house when the Universe answered me.  In a way.

As you may recall from some of my previous posts or just from talking with me, I've been mentioning how much I've wanted a smart phone.  Nothing big, I would just like to be able to connect once in a while and see what's going on in the world.  Also, having my phone, camera and MP3 player in one with a useable web browser would be just the bees knees.

When the truck took the corner by the street near our's at a high speed, with one young man hanging out of the passenger side window, yelled at us, then threw something at us, I assumed that this was the universe's way of telling us that we had better be ready for our kids to be a bunch of maniacs.  The truck went screaming off down the Shediac Road, but my eye was following the path of whatever he had thrown out of the window.  It landed quite a ways from us (so I guess he either wasn't really trying to throw it at us, or he had really bad aim), and it looked quite shiny, so I went back to look at it.

You can imagine my surprise when it turned out he provided us with a BlackBerry!

The cuteness factor of the wallpaper on the phone was too much for my camera to capture.
So now we have to find the owner.  Because my lovely wife is a paragon of virtue and morality, that's why.

Step One:  Message the last person he was chatting with.  Done.

Step Two:  Inform the young lady that he was chatting with that we have his phone and if he ever wants to see it a live, he'll bring the Jade Monkey to the docks at midnight.  Or that's what I would have written, except some people who shall remain nameless wouldn't let me get too weird.

Step Three: Wait for the owner to call.  Turns out kids love their cell phones.  He called within minutes.

Step Four: Advise the young lady to make fun of the owner of the phone.

Arrangements have been made to get the phone back to him tomorrow.

We certainly do live an adventurous life!

Also, I don't think that I want a BlackBerry.  Too many memories of work... Shudder.

UPDATE 12/04/11 10:45 AM
The young man who's mobile phone became a little more mobile than he intended arrived this morning.

There was the small matter of him being 45 minutes late (for which he called to apologize for sleeping in and for being late), and then getting my address wrong (he went to our neighbour's home, which I'm sure was super fun on a Sunday morning).  But arrive he did, and this was what he had to say:
I apologize. I'm just going to come right out and say it - my friends and I were out last night throwing Tim Bits when it happened.  I'm really sorry.
I think my young friend learned a valuable lesson that sometimes doing stupid stuff is just plain stupid, and when you think that you're untouchable you may be at your most vulnerable.

I'm not going to post his name or a picture of the transfer.  He was just a kid, after all.  And we all did something stupid that none of us would want plastered all over the Internet for future generations to enjoy.  Plus, there's the whole creepy factor ("Sure you can have your phone back, but first I just want to take a picture for my blog...").

I will say this though: the picture of him and his young lady friend on the wallpaper of the phone was way too cute for words.  Also, he may want to think about using the phone lock features...


  1. Android OS is a def must.... Thats all I got to say about that!

  2. Shouldn't you be charging ransom or something creative like that? This could be another snowblower post :)

  3. @SM - I kind of do, but they're freakin' expensive... and I'm not so sure about drinking the Apple Kool Aid; I may never recover.

  4. @Gary - I was thinking of charging ransom, like maybe forcing him to mow my lawn or something (which admittedly would have made for a better post), but I'm going to wait until I hear his side of the story to determine whether it's epic douchebag-ness or if he just had a case of the regular teenage stupids going on.

  5. I love my android device. Almost got to work the other day, and realized I didn't have my phone with me. I was tempted to go back and get it, but it's a 15 minute drive and I figured I could make it one day. *sigh*

  6. I have an iPhone. It's pretty good, does a lot for me, but the battery life is a disappointment. As it is my first smart phone, I'm not sure if they are all like this, if it's a downfall of the iPhone, or if I just spend way too much time on Facebook and playing Angry Birds.

    My advice would be to research smart phones, and pick the one that would best suit what you want. I have never heard any complaints about Andriods or iPhones.

  7. @Laurianne - I haven't gotten that bad with my cell. But that's because my cell is kind of a disappointment.

  8. @Holly - Those birds are so ANGRY. :) I've got a good friend that has an Android and it's pretty cool. The only thing is the darned plans.


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