Snowblower Week in Review

If you're here for the first time (and I believe that there are 12,000 of you that fit that bill), you're probably looking for the snowblower story.

In chronological order:

Some long overdue Kijiji Action - Where it all began

What to do when you go viral... - In which things start to pick up

Threeandahalfhoursofsleep - In which I keep it all going despite no sleep

You asked for it... - In which I show how photogenic I am the snowblower is

The Snowblower That Ate the Internet: SOLD. - In which I announce the sale of the snowblower and attempt to extort $1 from everyone who read about it (it's not too late to send me that dollar)

Oh Yeah, I'm A Celebrity Now - In which I discover that the true meaning of Internet Fame is getting swag

A Fond Farewell - In which I bring you up close and personal to the transfer of the snowblower through a series of pictures which I am sure will garner me accolades for years to come

Forget Everything I Said Before About Internet Fame - In which I am humbled, explain who my wife is not, and talk about something NON-snowblower related