Whoops. Whoops again.

Bad news:  I won't be appearing on Canada AM today, due to a scheduling issue.  I hope to get on at some point again in the future, but for now it is not to be.

Worse news: I don't have a post ready for today.  I thought I would have it, but then I got sidetracked by another project and all of a sudden it's after 10, and I'm awfully tired.  So I have nothing for you. I know, I promised you something but I can't do it tonight.  I'll try tomorrow, really, I will.  It's something that I think is kind of fun, and I hope you'll like it too.

I do have this picture of me with my number one fan in Halifax, Walter.

I think that Walter's flashing the international gang symbol for "Snowblowa".
That's the Das Snowblower t-shirt I'm wearing.  I was wearing it as a good luck charm underneath my Monroeville Zombies hockey jersey (seen on the table behind me there), so when Walter asked for a pic I knew it was a sign to strip down.  Unfortunately, the show was in a high school and there were "rules" about public nudity and stuff.  Plus Walter got all edgy and uncomfortable, so I just left it at the t-shirt.

So Walter, you glorious son of a b you, here's to you.  And thanks to your girlfriend for taking a picture of me where it doesn't look like I have uncomfortably giant hands.

UPDATE: I'm not putting an update time on here because this only just went up.

I write my posts the night before and then have them set to automatically publish in the morning.  Today, I was so distracted by something that I forgot to come back and update the post before it went live.

This morning I received a little gift in my email from Gene Fowler of loogaroo.com.  Here is a brief recap of my internal monologue (it's not a dialogue unless someone is talking back to me, and since I upped my dosage, I don't get the voices anymore).

Spam, spam spam spam spammity spam spam oh an email from Gene.  Wonder how things are going up in the 'Chi... 

Check it out!
Music over intro for titles, same with the end.
Starts with exterior of city, as we pan down to their building, when the snare drum hits, we zoom in.
(Spoilers Edited)
I think it's a really good beginning to this series.
Well, that's pretty cool... and there's an attachment...wonder if he's got some storyboarding done...An MP3?  Oh, maybe this is the music that he's thinking of using for the series... Oh, cool it is the intro music.  Liking it.  Liking it.  Liking holy sweet mother of pearl is this what I think this is it can't be it is I don't believe it oh that's so good I can't believe this...

Gene sent me the finished audio track for the first episode of Roaches.  It is, if I do say so myself, rather funny.

So that happened.