I'm Number Three!

Could it be that my near perfect portrayal of "Tree Number Three" was just a premonition of my success this evening? No, because that is stupid talk.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I came in third place in the CBC Open Mic Contest tonight at the kick off of the HubCap Comedy Festival.

There was some very stiff competition, and some competition that had had some very stiff drinks.

This time around was MUCH better than last year - and not just because I placed and won two all access passes to the events around town.  I also did much better at remembering my act, which really goes a long way toward your success as a comedian I understand.

Big thanks to everyone that came out to watch me tonight - sorry you weren't all able to be there, but honestly, seating was limited, so it was probably best that you stayed home rather than suffer the disappointment of having to stand.

Nikki Payne was one of the guest judges, which was very cool....aaaand I'm just now realizing that I forgot to ask her for an autograph after the show.  Damn it.

For anyone that's wondering what it was like, my good buddy Jay recorded it... if the quality is any good, I'll post a link here.

Talk to you later!