Post-Valentine's Day Round Up

6:30 AM
Holiday cards and chocolates are exchanged.  Cats do not seem to appreciate the reason they have been given extra treats today.  Hope to not find cat barf when we come home.

7:55 AM
Drop off at work.  Exchange terms of endearment and further wishes for to have a happy Valentine's Day, regardless of the fact that it is a day that is supposed to be shared between loved ones and we will be separated for most of the day.  Hope that card and chocolates exchanged earlier will cause spouse to think twice about finding someone else to love during the course of the day and dump me.  Card had bedazzled glass heart glued on it, feel good about my chances.

4:30 PM
Call wife to find out if she will come to pick me up instead of me walking over to her office.  Leave voicemail message because she is on the phone.  Pick up my cell phone, there is a voicemail message from her asking if I am meeting her or if she is picking me up.  Massive coincidence, or proof of God?  I decide it's a massive coincidence that God caused this.  Marvel at how similar our thought patterns are.  Remember some of the things I've thought of and am slightly horrified.

4:50 PM
Picked up by wife.  Discuss Valentine's Day adventure of grabbing bite to eat and catching a movie.  Need to run home first to grab movie passes and find out what is playing.

5:05 PM
I love my wife, but I also love living in a city where rush hour traffic is 15 minutes.  Wife is not as pleased by the fact that it took that long just to go one block from her parking lot to mine, but since I didn't experience it it doesn't count against my feeling good.

5:15 PM
Cannot decide on a movie that we are mutually interested in seeing.  Further research also tells us that tonight is cheap night at the movies and the one sappy love story movie is sold out.  Decide to get something to eat then watch something through video on demand.

5:20 PM
Cannot decide on a restaurant that we are mutually interested in eating at/would possibly have space for us with no reservations/will allow us in after having changed into our "comfy clothes".

5:25 PM
On route to grocery store to get something to make a nice romantic meal at home, and also some snacks for the movie.

6:00 PM
Return home with frozen Chinese entrées and no snacks.  We are living it up.  Watch two episodes of "My Name is Earl" while preparing meal.  Season 5 Christmas Special helps us get into the holiday spirit.

6:45 PM
Begin dining on our fine selection of Chinese foods.  Realize that we could have purchased ready made Chinese at a restaurant for almost the price of what we paid, however we also purchased a vegetable tray and an extra cucumber that you cannot buy at a traditional Chinese restaurant, so feel pretty good about our decision.  Finish one more episode of Earl while dining.

7:15 PM
Dishes put away and dishwasher running.  We head to the TV to find a movie that we both want to see.

7:30 PM
After looking at 200+ possibilities, decide on the movie "Dirty Girl".  It turns out to not be soft core porn, which is both a pleasant surprise and mildly disappointing.  It also turns out to be rather good, and a highly recommendable watch.

9:30 PM
Movie complete, we move the action back upstairs.  Further discussion about dinner choice.  Wonder if the cashier thinks it's weird that we bought a cucumber with our Chinese entrées, ultimately decide that the veggie tray should tell the right story.

10:00 PM
Climb into bed.  Further discussion about having a nice Valentine's Day.  Relieved that I have gone one more Valentine's Day without wife being wooed away by Ryan Reynolds in a romantically comedic fashion. Fall asleep like the old married heads that we are...  And love it.

Happy Valentine's Day to My Lovely Wife.


  1. Haha, sounds about right. When broken down, v-day is never like a movie. Though I'm still trying to make sure the wife gets that!


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