Yes, I Didn't Write Anything Today

What are you gonna do about it?  Huh?  Huh?

I'm sorry, I over reacted.  Let's not fight.  I don't want to be like those other couples that you see, where one person is always blogging and the other is always reading and then complaining when there's nothing to read.  Let's start over.

Nope.  Still nothing.

Sorry.  This has never happened before.  I mean, I really like you, I do.  No, it's not you, it's me.  I'm just... I guess I just have a lot on my mind right now.  Look, maybe we should just take a little break and come back to it.  I guess I just want this too much right now, and you know, you can't force these things.

Nah, I'm just pulling your leg.  I'm just out of funny things to say write at the moment.  In the meantime, go look at some pictures of cats.  What are internet cats doing now?  I bet it's adorable!


  1. Hey there, I really liked your snowblower ad. I am in the market to sell mine as well, so I figured I would write something up that I thought might be funny.

    Well its less than half as funny as yours, but then again, so is the price of my snowblower ;-) I did try to do things a bit differently and created a YouTube video for it.

    Have a look if you're stuck for things to write about. The most views I ever had on the Tube was 6K, so I am a long way off from 500K.

    Here is the link:

    1. Glad you liked it. Did you really watch it at 3:28AM? That would be fitting since I was up creating it around that time. Shot the outdoor sequences on my lunchhour Friday so I could have it up on Kijiji Saturday, Saturday, Saturday. Just in time for the big storm Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!


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