Laurent Sebastian, The New Imogen?

This one is a harder nut to crack.

had a good time reading on

Laurent Sebastian
Hi there,

I frequently visit because I find it really valuable and
simple to understand. You discuss every topic very well, in such a way that
your readers can easily absorb the messages that you are trying to convey.
I look forward to contributing to your site my ideas, which can be
beneficial to you and your readers. We can discuss them in detail if you're

Laurent is no Imogen.  At least Imogen made her boiler plate readable (if not her articles).  This is about as well written as a boot to the head.

Googling Laurent has turned up an Associate Professor of Econometrics at Masstricht University, which is in the Netherlands, and a quick whois search for the domain turns up a service provider in Denmark, but that's about it.

I haven't been able to find anyone else that has taken Sebastian up on an offer, so I'm throwing this one out to the lot of you.  Anyone know of any product from what I can only assume is a blogging grind house, where people who do not write English as a first language are beaten until they do?  Or is it possible that the same person who wrote this was also involved in writing the (I'm sure will be an instant classic if you're in the field) Handbook of Volatility Models and Their Applications, with subjects like:
  • Heterogeneity and Volatility Persistence
  • Multivariate Models for Locally Stationary Volatility
  • Estimators of Integrated Variance and Integrated Covariance
  • Loss Functions and the Latent Variable Problem
I'm not sure what any of these subjects has to do with economics, so instead I am reading them purely in a sexual context (because I've been on the internet, and I've seen the horrible things that people are looking at...sometimes I spend hours and hours, watching it all...).

Sadly, there is the point that this person is Laurent Sebastian, and the good professor is Sebastien Laurent.  But it was interesting, yes?  And think about this, if it hadn't been for this spam, I'd never know that there was a $164, easy to read 500+ page handbook for everything I'd need to know about, um, topics.