Cables, Cables, Everywhere, Nor Any That Will Link

I have an amusing picture on my phone that I was going to use in a post.  I've got an older phone that has awesome in that I now have text messaging (I know, I know, technically I could have had text messaging on my old phone, but do I look like a teenage girl to you?  I don't think so.), but primarily it keeps my costs low by not really being able to do anything else.  And I'm okay with that.

Only, now I have this picture that I took on the phone and I'd REALLY like to use it here on the old blogarino.  Long story short, it won't send.  And now the microSD card that I put in it isn't working.  So my only option is to try to use the data cable to connect it to the computer and see if that will work.  Which it doesn't.

Because I can't find the cable.

So fine, whatever, forget it, I'm moving on in the world and I'll figure out another way to get that picture later.  I decide to read a book on my Kobo.  I've read all the books on it (because I'm a reader), and I know I have some on the computer I haven't picked up yet.  All I have to do is connect the Kobo to the computer and download...

No Kobo data cable.

Seriously, what is going on?

I've got a bucket of cables, another basket of cables, and (literally) a crate full of cables.  And none of them are for the two devices that I need.


A couple of months ago, I got tired of sorting through all the phone power cables and finally added a label to them courtesy of some low tech masking tape and markers.  Would have been nice if I'd followed through and done it to the rest of the cables in the house.  I'm not that far away from pointing at things and grunting (a trait that all of us have inherited from my father) but I don't even know the general direction to point.

Is the markup on cables so big that every piece of electronics we own has to have a different cable?  I'm in the wrong business.

I started writing this about a week ago, then set it aside when other more interesting things came up.  Last week, My Lovely Wife wrote her insurance exam (that's number 5! of 10?!) and to celebrate we went out for dinner.  We then drove by Chapters where we bought her a Kobo Touch.  It's a nice rig, looks amazing, and it will read all the books that I already have.

...and the cable also works with my Vox.

Epilogue 2:  I found the data cable for my phone.  It turns out that my phone is just messed up and I don't think I'm ever going to get that picture off it, at least not in good enough resolution that I can use it here for the purposes I want.  I'm taking our camera to work tomorrow.