Happy Thanksgiving to All My American Friends

It's Thanksgiving in the US today.  A magical time of the year for shopping and watching handegg on TV.  I think there's a parade involved too, but I can't be sure.  And also eating a lot of food.

At the risk of offending my dear friends to the south (it isn't wise to offend people who have a lot of guns, that's just one of the many rules that I believe have allowed me to achieve the happy and healthy and extra-hole-free lifestyle that I have become accustomed to), I am thankful that our Thanksgiving was a month ago.  

A November Thanksgiving is just too darn close to Christmas, which means that you only have a month to gear up for another giant turkey dinner.  It's just too soon.

Our Black Friday/Thanksgiving Thursday/Mauve Wednesday shopping experience included getting a new front door.  We bought it a while ago, it just didn't get installed until today.  It looks really awesome, though compared to the flowery design with gold trim door we had before, anything would look pretty good.

We also bought some groceries.  I don't mean to put any Thanksgiving feasts to shame here, but there are fajitas, a meatloaf, and quite possibly some meatballs in our near future.  Not at all once, that would be insanity.  Or...would it? 

Speaking of food, I discovered something interesting that I wasn't aware of.  Gatorade tastes pretty good!  I've only ever had it when I was really sick, so my impression of it has always been less than awesome.  Now that I know this, I'm ready to start my exercise and body building regime.  Mah ha ha ha... I couldn't even type that with a straight face.

Anyway, Happy American Thanksgiving!