Happy Birthday to My Sister

I have written the following poem for my sister.

Just to set the record straight, this isn't going to be one of your fancy rhyming poems.  I'm not up to that level yet.  And you can tell it's a poem because of all the semicolons and the margins are all wibbly-wobbly.

I have done this for two reasons:  first, I need to try to write outside my comfort zone as an exercise.  Second, it is her birthday and I cannot afford to send her things like wine or balloons or a card.  Okay, I could probably pull off the card, but her birthday was yesterday, and it's not like I can afford a time travelling card now can I?

So instead, dear sister, I offer you the following tribute (get your tissues ready, cause you're totally going to cry):

Happy Birthday to My Sister
-A Poem By Weh-Ming 

For all the times that you still wanted to hang out with me,
Despite me telling you distinctly "No, you can't come with us.";

For all the times that you tagged along when I finally relented,
But only if you agreed to pay my way too;

For all the insanely bad movies that you watched with me,
Thus warping your mind and imagination forever;

For all the weird music that I introduced you to,
No wait, I'm actually pretty proud of that;

But for all the times that I did what I wanted to
While you had to stay inside and practice the piano;

For all the really crappy presents that I've given you over the years,
Including a box of notebooks and pencils (but not this way awesome poem);

For all the times that I dated your friends,
Which, although this only happened with one of your friends, I totally would have done it more often if I had been given the opportunity because you had some pretty cool friends that were also cute;

For all of these reasons, I want to wish you a happy birthday,
And let you know that the world is a better place because of you.

And also thank you for not telling everyone that I used to make you hang out with me in the bathroom
Because I was afraid to poop by myself when I was a kid.


  1. Anyone who thinks my poetry is good should have their eyes examined. :)


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