It Must Work Because I Felt Better Just Watching It

Long story short, bad day.  Not so much bad, really, as just plain miserable.  Which I think may be the reason why when we saw this come on the television I looked at My Lovely Wife and we both lost it.  I mean, truly lost it.  Laughter so hard that I was snorting trying to hold it back.

What could cause such merriment?  Why, nothing short of the YumaLite.

I don't often put commercials on my blog, but I feel this one is deserving.  I dare you to watch this commercial and not smile.  Double dare.

There are so many great moments in this film, it's hard to choose my favourites...But I'll try.

  • The Mom, using her YumaLite while she makes lunch for her kid.  And then trying hard not to hit her husband in the face with it.
  • The lady wearing hers while she applies her make up.  In the space of a few moments, her face says "Oh! I can't believe I ever tried to put on make up without the benefit of light shining into my eyes and this OH SO attractive visor on my noggin!"
  • The elderly couple who are surprised when they're able to turn the television on.
  • The guy suffering from SAD walking down the sidewalk and kicking at some snow.  He needs some friends, and I bet he'd find some if he was wearing his YumaLite!
  • And then there's that elderly lady again, who is so comfortable at using the telephone with her YumaLite!
  • The best part though, is at the end when the woman turns her YumaLite on...while apparently outside on a sunny day.

Oh, YumaLite. I know nothing about you, but your commercial really cheered me up.  And you're Canadian too!  I think I'm proud of that.

Yes.  I think I am.

The gang from the Dragons' Den all like the company too.

So YumaLite, I salute you.  Even without me buying your product, you improved our day.