I Am Amused

In light of the sadness of my previous post, I'd like to direct you to something that will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

Mike is just this guy that I've happened to be BFF's with since I was about three.  If you know me personally, then there's a 99% chance that you know or know of Mike.  We've been amusing each other for over thirty years (whoa, I got a little chest pain when I wrote that), and now he's entered the world of the Internet with his site vitruvianmanifesto.blogspot.ca.

Let's face it, none of us are getting any younger.  Thanks to a miracle that I call "him being born before me", Mike faces milestone birthdays sooner than I do.  To celebrate/anticipate/draw attention away from his 40th birthday, he has started a project dubbed The Vitruvian Manifesto (I added the emphasis so you know what an awe inspiring title that is in comparison to, say, the blognostifier).  His goal - to complete one hundred projects in one thousand days, which coincides nicely with his two-score birthday.

He promises to document his efforts on his site, and so far the entries have been amusing and insightful.  It's not a blog though.  It's a bjournal.  Which is a word that makes me laugh like we would laugh when we were kids staying up too late and saying all the words that we were pretty sure were the dirty ones that everyone was talking about.

I invite you to take a few moments of your day and check it out.  He's only just started, so there are only about twelve posts right now, so it won't take you long to start feeling an emotional attachment and general feelings of encouragement about this guy that you may or may not have met before.  He's a good guy, trust me on that one.

Also, his wife has a rather nifty site if you like books.

And their daughter is darned cute.  She once sang "Eye of the Tiger" to us.  The entire thing.  Not just the one part of the chorus that you know.  The. Whole.  Thing.


  1. It's true. She did. She once had a lifeguard at the swimming pool ask her how she was doing and Magda responded, "I'm rising up to the challenge of the rival." She was two.

    I'm not even sure how this happened. She just REALLY likes that song. When Mike asked her what projects he should do for his Vitruvian Man project, she said we should all spend a week being tigers.

  2. I told Magda that you mentioned her on your blog. This is how that went:

    Me: So Weh-Ming has a blog.
    Magda: Oh yeah.
    Me: He mentioned you on it.
    Magda: WHAT?!
    Me: He said he was very impressed you could sing all the words to "Eye of the Tiger."
    Magda: That's true, I can. But does he even know all the other stuff I can do?
    Me: ?
    Magda: Like, I can stretch and I can balance and I can do this! (gets down on floor and starts doing weird stretch contortion things)
    Me: I don't know--
    Magda: WELL TELL HIM!
    Me: Okay..uh, do you want to make a video and send it to him?

    So, yeah, that was from Magda.


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