Coming Soon to a Reality Near You

One of the big topics in the news today has been regarding the bankruptcy of Detroit.  It's a pretty sad state of affairs that this once mighty city has come to, and there are some three quarters of a million people that are affected by it.  On the one side, it would seem that the slide toward the inevitable has finally come to an end and they can really get on with the business of the day and move toward the future.

And by future, I mean, of course, Robocop.

How has this not been the headline around the world?  Does nobody remember the plot for one of my favourite action movies of all time?  

The movie is set in a Detroit of the future that has been forced to sell itself to the Omni Consumer Products Corporation due to a financial meltdown.  Mind you, this is a future in which vehicles get really terrible gas mileage, weird reality game shows with catch phrases are incredibly popular, and corporations are stronger than governments.  Pretty unbelievable, yeah?  But remember, it was 1987, so it was a simpler time.  They didn't even know what Y2K was back then!  HaHaHAHA, the fools.

Sadly, while there is progress being made in artificial body parts and computer-brain interfaces we're nowhere near where we need to be to get Robocop up and running.  But in the meantime, maybe this big guy can help out?

On the OTHER hand...

Maybe this is all just a giant publicity stunt?  After all, the Robocop remake comes out in 6 months.  I mean, you can't buy this kind of coverage, am I right?  Unless, of course, you are paying the city of Detroit to pretend to file bankruptcy so they can use that money to actually pay some of their bills.  In case it turns out that this actually happened, I just want to say that I totally called it and I'm not just a crazy conspiracy theorist.  Or maybe that's what they want you to think?  Maybe I'm on the payroll for Columbia and MGM and the city of Detroit and the Miami Dolphins?

What do you mean "What do the Miami Dolphins have to do with this?"