Wish it was a snow day

If only we'd gotten the storm today... ah well, I can't complain since I only had to shovel a path to the car and a little bit behind it.

Baby is still asleep - she fell asleep in My Lovely Wife's arms last night, but wouldn't stay asleep when put down, so today is a late morning for her.

Speaking of RG, what the heck?  First, she will only poop every two to three days so we worry if that's normal (which it is).  Now she's pooping every day, so we worry if that's normal (which it still is).  What is it about becoming a parent that suddenly makes you deeply interested in poop?  I mean, I figured that I would be concerned about poop later on, but I thought it would be more of a "is this poop?  Did she poop on this?  Again?" variety of concern.  Now, it's almost like we're at a wine tasting every time where we examine the bouquet, the texture, the colour...  

Okay, that was a terrible comparison, and I'd like to take it back, but not as much as I like a good joke.  So I hope you weren't drinking hot chocolate or something when you read that.

Have you seen the movie "Babies"?  It's pretty good.  Most memorable part for me was the baby in Africa whose mother cleaned his bum by wiping him on her knee, then using what looked like a corn cob to wipe off her knee.  I have to go to work now to pay the bills so we can continue buying diapers so we can move the poop from Ruby to the Diaper Genie with minimal intervention and interaction with corn cobs in between.