Competition is a good thing, right?

I've taken some time to peruse my competition for one of the spots in the upcoming Open Mic contest... daaaaang.  There are some crazy good people entering this year - and more than just one or two folks that have real stand up experience.  And by "real" I mean have done it more than twice in the last three years.

If you haven't voted yet, do it today!  Voting ends on Friday, January 24th. 

In non-comedic contest news, RG is officially over 12 pounds!  She got shots this morning (because we choose to believe in science instead of celebrity) and weighed in at over 5.5 kg (because we live in Canada but don't use the metric system for measuring our weight mass [all of my science teachers felt a disturbance in the force there]).

There is nothing quite so heart wrenching as holding your infant in your lap and distracting her while the nurse sticks her with a needle.  It took her about three seconds to work out that something was happening in another part of her body, figure out that it wasn't pleasant, and register on her face.  Ah, the betrayal.  I imagine I will get a similar look when I tell her she can't have a Barbie Hoverboard like all her friends have.  

Who am I kidding?  I'M getting a Barbie Hoverboard the minute they're available.  I mean, really, those things are going to be awesome.  

I'm writing this on Tuesday night, and the weather is calling for a blizzard tomorrow, so there's a chance that I might not have to go into the office.  It's a slim chance.  The office typically doesn't close until long after the city has been officially shut down, but there's a chance and if there's one thing I've learned from all the movies that I've watched (excluding foreign films) it's that there is nothing more powerful than hope.  Or the human spirit.  Or the power of the dark side.  Whatever gets me the snow day, I'm in.

Aaaaand it just hit me that it won't be that much longer before someone else in the house is cheering for a snow day.  

In non-infant related news, how much do I love shopping at Mark's Work Wearhouse?  I bought two pairs of pants and a shirt for $40.  I mean, that's Value Village prices without the Value Village smells!  I shop at Mark's because it makes me feel manly about my clothes.  I mean, sure, I bought chinos today, but they were right next to these crazy heavy duty coveralls that looked like they could stop a bullet.  The long sleeve t-shirt was opposite these insanely heavy duty socks that looked like they probably fired the bullet that shot the coveralls earlier.

I also bought a pair of green jeans.  I've never owned green jeans before.  I'm looking forward to insisting that everyone call me Mr. Green Jeans when I wear them.  I almost bought a pair of jeans that were a colour I would describe as almost-red-but-closer-to-weird-pink.  If they'd had them in my size, I might still.  There's no way that I'm going to be the "Cool Dad", so I may as well shoot for the much more achievable "Weird Dad". 

And I'm back to fatherhood again, so wrapping this one up for the night.

EDIT - It's now 6 am, and there is not a flake to be seen yet.  My dreams of the day at home have been dashed - dashed I say!

EDIT 2 - It's now 6:52 am, still nothing falling, and I just remembered that I'm going out for lunch to celebrate my co-worker's retirement... hope it's still on!