Last Day of Voting and I Have Another Project!

You have until noon today to vote in the CBC Open Mic contest, so go with your heart.  Just remember, a vote for me is a vote not for someone else, so while you'll be supporting my dreams you'll be equally crushing someone else's.  Have fun!

Additionally, I was contacted by the creator of a project called "A Rewording Life" asking if I would like to participate.  It's an interesting idea: take lesser used words and have Canadians write a sentence using that word in context.  For example:
"I eschew the cashew; I'm allergic, and it makes me ah-chooo."  Robert Hough
While I'm not getting paid for this, part of the proceeds will go toward  the Alzheimer's Foundation, so there is a certain altruistic appeal to it.  Writing one sentence is next to the least I can do (the least I or anyone can do, as always, is nothing).  One sentence?  I can do that in my sleep.

And I probably will be working on it in my sleep as I fret and deliberate on the many different possibilities for the word that I have selected.  I want it to be a funny sentence, but not funny-stupid but rather funny-clever.  And it needs to convey the meaning of the word itself, without just coming out and saying what the word means...  You can see the pressure that I am under.

If you have a moment, check out her social media sites on Twitter and Facebook.

It's almost 7 am and RG still isn't up yet.  Not that I'm complaining about a baby that sleeps through the night, but my morning goes so much better when I leave for work having gotten snuggles and a smile...