She's a good kid, but the things that come out of her mouth...

I am a fairly smart man, or at least I tell myself that while standing in front of the mirror at work.  I'm pretty good with cause and effect.

So why didn't I figure out that when your infant daughter is taking, say, more formula than she usually does in about half the time that she normally does, it does not mean that you should start bouncing her on your knee.  And even if I didn't figure that out, I SURELY should have understood that a good tickle session was probably not in order.

My first thought was "warm".  There was a warmth spreading down my arm that wasn't there earlier.  And it kept spreading.  My leg.  My lap.  It was about this time that the part of my brain that handles the images that go into my eyeholes sent me a message.  "White stream," it said.

On the plus side, we definitely know that that part of our baby's digestive process works.

All made up for tonight.  I was telling her the story of my day (because what better way to put almost anyone to sleep than to describe the intricacies of how you figured out how to create a macro in VBA that does 10 minutes of work for you in the blink of an eye?) and she was slowly nodding off in my lap.  I put her in her bed, and she smiled and rolled away onto her side facing away from me.  She stretched, then rolled back and looked at me and smiled. Then she repeated this process two more times before finally rolling away and starting to suck her thumb.

Seriously.  Cute.

Again, I don't mean for this to become a parent blog, but it sure is kind of leaning that direction ain't it?

I feel like I should clean this place up a little bit. Granted, having a newborn in the house is a great excuse for not paying attention to things like writing and blogging, but I've renewed my URL so I feel like I should get my $20 worth by giving the site a bit of polish.

Therefore, I hope you like this new look.  "New look?" you ask.  Yes indeed. Well, it's not very different from the old look.  I'm not very creative so I just use the templates provided by Blogger.  I could change it to something much more radical, but I'm pretty lazy as the sad number of posts on my site in the last year proves.  This new look is just new enough that I can feel good that I did something and now that I've written about it, it counts as post filler.  Huzzah!  Two birds with one stone!