Voting Begins Today!

I have entered the 2014 CBC Open Mic Comedy Contest for the Hubcap Comedy Festival.

This will be my third time entering the contest - I missed last year because of my work schedule - and I hope I can get in again.  I am not very good at it, but it's a good experience.  Super stressful experience, but a good one.  Super stressful and sometimes soul crushing experience, but good.  Super stressful, sometimes soul crushing and deals punishing blows to your ego and self esteem, but... why am I doing this again?

Right, for the laughs.  Or the hope for laughs.  I hope that there will be laughs.  I hope that I will get some of them.

If you feel inclined to seeing me on the stage at a pub on a school night, cracking wise and hoping I don't forget what I'm going to say, then please throw a vote in my direction.  I promise that if you vote for me and I get in and you come to watch my set I will wave to the crowd in a general fashion that only you and I will know means "hey, thanks for voting me up here, you're a special kind of human being."

There are a LOT of entries this year, and be warned that some of the entries have not so safe for work content.  My entry is pretty small in comparison to some of these and it's only audio... fingers crossed!

Now my daughter is blowing spit bubbles again, so I must away.