Welcome DNTO-ers!

If you're reading this today, and you've never read anything here before, then it's probably because you heard me interviewed on Definitely Not the Opera on Saturday, January 18.  Welcome!

It turns out that the people that tell stories on the show are regular people that don't necessarily tell a coherent story in a linear fashion the first try!  Suffice it to say, we recorded a lot, and at the end I thanked everybody that I know that I have ever interacted with.  Sara did say that she might have to cut some of that out, so if you didn't hear me give you a personal heartfelt shout out, it's only because there were other stories that needed airtime too.  I would write it all down here, but you know, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing and I don't know that I could recapture the poetic magnificence of it with mere words on a screen.  Just trust me, it was beautiful.

If I sounded a little bit deeper and huskier than I normally do, it is because I am getting over a slight cold.  I normally have a voice that was once described as "dolphin-y".  The magic of radio is amazing.

And finally, if nothing in my story made any sense at all to you, and you spent much of your time wondering how it is that I managed to get through life this far without someone stepping in and making sure I don't injure myself - jokes on you!  I'm totally married.  To a real woman!  And she knows about it!

I'm happy you decided to drop by and check me out.  There are some funny bits around here.  Please forgive the fact that there were fewer posts last year than there should have been.  Honestly, there was a good reason for it.