Another one of those days

Yesterday was one of those early mornings. The sensor in RG's Crib went off at around 4, and there wasn't much sleep after that. A lot of coffee later, the day was over and I could look forward to some sleep.

At 3 this morning, the smoke detector went off. Nothing to be concerned about, everyone is fine. But I swear that the is an internal clock on that thing so it knows when to let you know that the battery is getting low.

Not out, just low.

Sort of like how your cell phone will start to vibrate to let you know that it's running low on power, this draining the battery that much faster. Except the smoke detector waits until everyone is sleeping before playing us all the songs of his people.

For a piece of equipment that saves as many lives as it does, smoke detectors are not well liked.

My Lovely Wife got up to change the battery, which really tells you a lot about why I love her so much. After thirty minutes of bumping and clumping and beeping, I got up.

My dear reader, it shames me to say it, but I was not the gentlest soul I could have been. Eventually, replacement batteries were found (the remote control and an electric razor), and additional batteries were placed in the charger. The rest of the reasons why I love her so much can be summarized in the simple act of her letting me sleep in the bed when all was said and done. And yes, apologies were offered and accepted.

And not one peep from RG.  I can attest to this as I didn't get back to sleep until almost 5. She didn't stir, didn't cry, didn't care one bit. She's pretty awesome.

By 5, I had exhausted all of the arguments from my childhood that I could have won if only I had been a little more clever at the time, and managed to get back to a sort a sort of sleep.

Which ended at 5:58 when the smoke detector decided that the replacement batteries weren't filling enough and needed to let us all know. Immediately.

I got up this time and made it as happy a as I could (by taking it down and wrenching the batteries or if it - totally satisfying). And RG slept through that too!

So now, here I sit with a sleeping baby in my arms that I need to put to bed, but I just need a few more minutes of the softest cuddles ever set to the tone of the greatest breathing I've ever heard.

Good night. ;-)