Frozen Chronicles

Okay, that was a bit of a spell. Over two years since my last post.

It's not like I didn't have anything to say.  No, wait, that's not exactly true.  I've had stuff to say, it's just that most of it has been of the "Stop squirming", "Don't put that in your mouth", "Don't throw that" variety.  Sadly, all of these things were said while changing a diaper and none of it was a memory that I wanted to keep.

I wrote this a while ago, in the midst of a Frozen infatuation that ran rampant through our house.  The infatuation is still here, but we just aren't watching the movie right now. It's almost like a reflex to turn it on...

The First Viewing (pre-daughter)
Well, that was okay. It wasn't the best Disney movie, but it wasn't the worst. I think it was probably somewhere in the middle. I should watch Aladdin again.

Second Viewing (with daughter a year later)
Wow, I can't believe she sat still for that long! I mean, sure she didn't understand anything that was going on, and it was just a mishmash of colour and sounds to her, but still.

Fourth Viewing (six months later)
Heh, she really likes this movie. There are some pretty funny parts now that I think about it. Wandering Oaken is hilarious.

Ninth Viewing (three weeks later)
Good Lord, why am I watching this again?  Oh right, her.  Sigh.  We might have to buy this movie if they take it off the movie network.

Twelfth Viewing (two weeks later)
I should not have joked about it going off the movie network.  Well, if I'm buying this, I'm buying the digital version so we can watch it wherever and there's no danger of it getting lost.

Fourteenth Viewing (one week later)
It's just amazing that they make the relationship between the two sisters so complicated. And the fact that Elsa wants nothing more than to protect her sister, and loves her so much that she's willing to cut off all contact with her... And then stays so strong as to hold back even with the death of their parents...

Seventeenth Viewing (four days later)
I mean, she's finally free, you know? Like, she can really express herself as an individual after years of being forced to repress and hide her true self... I just, I get it man. I have to make sure my little girl never has to feel like she should hide her special talents or what she can do...

Nineteenth Viewing (two days later)
It's not just hiding her special talents and abilities! It's who she IS. My daughter is never going to have to do that - she's going to know that love means accepting all of a person, and if anyone won't love her because of who she is... Well that's just ridiculous, look at this kid!

Twenty-Second Viewing (next day)
Buying this movie was the best investment I've ever made.  I'm going to buy shares in Disney. 

Twenty-Fourth Viewing (next day)
Sven is probably the best friend that anyone could ask for.

Twenty-Fifth Viewing (later that day)
Did you know that it's about one minute exactly from when Anna tells Olaf and Kristoff to wait outside for a minute before they come in?

Twenty-Seventh Viewing (the next day)
God this song makes me cry every time. Why is it so good?

Thirty-Something'th Viewing (time means nothing at this point)
"Love is an open door" means something totally different to the two of them!  It's a way out for her, and a way in for him! How did I not see that earlier?

Something-Something'th Viewing
"Wait, what?" is said six times. That means something...

Nth Viewing
This is one of the greatest movies ever made. How do they do it? Yoohoo family! So good.