Writing Prompt - House Party

"Guys, guys," Shelly said. "Come on, I want to take a picture!"

"Come on, Shelly, do we have to?" Blake asked. He hated getting his picture taken because his smile always made him look a little awkward.

"Yes, we have to! Come on, when are we going to see each other again?"

"In class next semester?" Tony joked. He often joked a little more than the others, and secretly hoped that they thought of him as the clown of the group instead of, well, something else.

"Ha ha, Tony. Coooooome oooooon, stop messing around! Kyle! Come over here! We're taking a picture!"

"That's cool."

"Hey Kyle, nice tie. Where'd you get it, your dad's closet?"

"No, Tony, this is mine."

"Greg! Nikolai!" Shelly waved them over. "You guys gotta come and stand here for the picture!"

"I am happy to picture be in."

"Nikolai, your accent is soooo awesome!"

"Nice beard Greg, where'd you get it-"

"That's like the third time you've said that to me today."

"HOLY SNAP!" All the guys winced as Shelly screamed. "Is that Evan! Evan! You look AWESOME!" Everyone had to agree: Evan was looking pretty awesome today. Without being weird about it, they knew that he was the best looking of them all.

"Okay, you stand over here! We're taking a picture. Jenny! Can you take our picture?" Shelly thrust her phone in Jenny's hands.

"Sure, I guess." Jenny was cute, but shy. Blake had had a crush on her since they'd met at the start of the semester. "Great," he thought, "I don't want to smile too much, or she'll think I'm a dork. But I don't want to not smile in case she doesn't think I'm fun. I'll just roll up my sleeves, then she'll think I'm more relaxed than I am."

Shelly put her arm around Tony, who reacted by putting his arm around her.  Unfortunately, at that moment, Kyle also put his arm around Shelly. Their hands met for the briefest of moments behind her back before they both pulled back.

Kyle thought "Great, what am I supposed to do with my hands now?"

Tony thought "Great, does Kyle know I like him?"

"Okay everyone, smile. Greg, I can't see you. Tony, Shelly, squeeze together. Greg, can you lean forward? Nikolai, I can't see you, can you lean - perfect. Greg, you're in a shadow so move over. Blake, can you, um, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm righteous," he replied, dying a little more inside.

"Evan, you look soooo good. Okay, everyone, on the count of - Greg, come on, I can't see you, you're all dark back there. Wait, is that supposed to be a beard?"

"Jenny, just take the picture!"

"Fine! On the count of three! Greg, I still can't see you - okay real mature. One...Two...Three!" CLICK "Frankenstein! You totally just walked into the picture!" She looked at the picture on the screen. "And you walked in front of Evan!"

"Aw, Frankenstein!" Everyone moaned.

"Frankenstein blending in! Frankenstein just regular student like everyone else!"

"Oh Frankenstein," Shelly shook her head and rolled her eyes. "You're, like, some kind of zombie or something."